How It Works

Using A Mixture Of Infrared Heat & Massaging Vibration Technology, CycleSoother™ Will ‘Set You Free’ From The Restraints Of Period Pain In Minutes. 

The CycleSoother™ Is Designed To Kill Period Pain

During your period, the wall of the womb starts to contract more vigorously to help the womb lining shed.

These contractions result in the blood vessels that line your womb being compressed, which cuts off the blood (and oxygen) supply to your womb. When the tissues in your womb lack oxygen, they release chemicals that trigger pain.


Take Your Life Back With CycleSoother™

Our uniquely functioning CycleSoother™ uses a mixture of Infrared heat and massaging vibrations to get your blood pumping and flowing easily back to the areas that the cramps have restricted the blood going to and which tend to be the source of pain.

Infrared is awesome for pain relief. It enters the body, & encourages the body to sweat and release harmful toxins. It even acts directly on irritated nerve endings so as to provide fast and effective relief.

So you can safely and naturally eliminate your monthly period pain in a way that saves you hassle, time and money compared to other methods of dealing with period pain.


Backed By Science

Our CycleSoother™ also has 3 vibration & 3 heat settings, to be tailored to your needs. These massaging vibrations relax your muscles and physically encourage the blood to flow more freely around your body.

As gynaecologist Jessica Shepherd says anything that’s going to improve blood flow to the uterus is going to be very helpful.”

Other alternatives for eliminating period pain unfortunately can involve the need to ingest chemicals (such as pain killers), or to walk around with a boiling, bulky hot water bottle.

This makes CycleSoother™ a win-win.


Most Natural Source Of Heat

Infrared is the most natural source of heat. It radiates from the sun & is absorbed by plants, humans & every other living being… hence why we even radiate it ourselves. For this reason, Infrared radiation is a very useful way of warming up the body, and is even used in saunas as a way of facilitating peoples ability to relax. There is a patch of material which protects your skin from any direct contact with the radiation itself, as your health is our priority.

It is significantly safer than the other rays that the sun emits, for example, it does not produce harmful UV radiation like some other radiation the sun emits.

So you can enjoy the benefits of infrared radiation, without worrying about any potential downsides from prolonged overexposure to radiation. If you have any kind of specialised medical condition that you think might be effected by exposure to infrared radiation (even with non-direct contact), then please consult a medical professional.  We recommend everyone wears a layer of clothing in-between yourself and the CycleSoother™ so that there is even less of a chance of direct contact with the infrared radiation.